About us

Company Profile:

DOTTEDi is an experiential gifting,events and parties consulting brand based out of Bangalore.The company have been providing unique gifting solutions since 2009. DOTTEDi is obsessed with innovation and the Idea of delightful gifting solutions.

The company is a one stop shop for all your gifting and service needs. With over 5000 parties planned, the peeps can plan an event for you in a giffee… sitting in Bangalore, we can plan events locally, nationally and internationally. Example: you want to plan a house party. Call us, give us your budget and we can ship things to you. You want to breakup with your bf:Call us, we can tell you how..even better… find you a new one. Just kidding… The idea behind the brand is Fun and Quirky gifting solutions to bring a smile on your loved one’s face…

We have expanded our retail base across 50 stores Pan India. We have around 800 products on our web store.



Life is made up of the little big moments bound together by a Book of memories...DOTTEDi, a creative gifting, events and experiences company based in Bangalore has dedicated their entire product range and services to do just that. A venture by Naadia Mirza, DOTTEDi had its humble beginning when a small case of an exceeded holiday shopping budget led her to market her purchases during travels to friends. Since then there has been no looking back .

DOTTEDi is paving the way for us to create long lasting memories by changing our perception and standard for making them . They vow to tirelessly create beautiful "oh my god " reaction inducing products because it is exactly what fuels them to do better .