The hotshot client you had been working so hard to get on board finally signed a deal with your company. It is undeniable that you and your entire team just had a couple of stressful months at work. So now you need to blow off some steam and in order to appreciate your team for their efforts, you are looking to plan the perfect corporate event that makes it fun for everyone.

As you begin brainstorming the ideas, after an idea or two, you are unable to think of the perfect fun day for your employees. And so, you may turn to the age-old office team-building exercises. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

We have compiled a list of corporate events ideas that will ensure fun for your employees along with a day they will cherish:

A Theme Party Event

Allowing your employees to flaunt their creativity through a unique theme-based event can be a great way to break the monotony of the office. Besides, who wouldn’t want to come to their office dressed up as Jon Snow (from Game of Thrones) or Katniss Everdeen (from The Hunger Games)?

After all, a medieval character in an office setting would make up for a hilarious play idea! While that remains to be argued, one thing is for sure, your employees will come up to you with more fun ideas for corporate events.

A Sports Night

Nothing beats the delight and rush of a sports event to kick away office stress. You could shortlist several fun team sports and ask your employees to vote for their pick. Once you have finalized the pick, choose a sports turf or a nearby ground and let the games begin!

Be it a 5-over cricket match between the IT team and the Accounts department or a ‘first to score 10 goals’ football competition, as long as your employees are having fun, a sports night is a delightful way to blow off some steam.

And to top it off, snacks and drinks on the office!

Workplace Tea Party

Maybe activity ideas for corporate events such as a sports night or theme party can be a bit overwhelming and exhausting for your employees. So how about a peaceful and delight-filled workplace tea party?

We at DottedI have been involved with various corporate events ideas and planning a workplace tea party is just our cup of tea! All you have to do is get in touch with us and we will make it happen. So just rest your laptops, enforce a no-work talk policy during the party and have fun!

Board Games Event

With the right people, even something as simple as board games can do the trick. Just rearrange the chairs & tables, and make room for everyone. Segregate your employees into teams and get them to play different games. 

Right from the 500-piece jigsaw puzzle to Monopoly, let them have fun at the same time. And yes, don’t forget the snacks!

Cooking Competition

Asking your employees to take a page out of the chef’s book is one of the simplest ways to implement entertainment ideas for corporate events. Not only will this allow your employees to have fun while making the best of the present ingredients, but also ensure you have a food party in the office.

Besides, why not take an opportunity to learn about the quiet guy’s hidden talent to make perfectly round chapatis?

Outdoor Picnic

Pick a date, email everyone, and don’t forget to cc HR. An outdoor picnic is perhaps the best amongst fun activity ideas for corporate events. Ask everyone to bring their sack lunch and choose just the right location to have fun.

And it doesn’t even have to be a large group. Just take smaller teams and if you are still stuck on the planning part, we have you covered. Our Picnic Setup for Friends and Family has just the right elements to make your trip a perfect getaway!

A Workplace Treasure Hunt

Far away from tight deadlines and Monday blues, lies an office where people hunt for treasures. You can bring this wonder to your workplace as well. All you need is a bunch of pieces of paper hidden across the workplace and a group of wannabe Sherlocks.

This would help the employees see the office in a new light and no, we are not giving away any hints that there may be a clue behind the newly installed tube light! 

Online Bingo

Sometimes workplace feels like home; it is called Work From Home! Amid the constant communication gap and lost Zoom connections lies the answer to one of our corporate events ideas! An online bingo game.

Share a template and ask your employees to make their custom Bingo tickets. Strike this one off your list as your entire team is going to be screaming Bingo at the top of their lungs!

The Workplace Quiz

Divide your employees into groups of five and ask them to charge their brains. It’s quiz time! Rearrange tables to prepare make-do podiums and ready your list of questions. Right from general knowledge to literature to science, rattle everyone’s brains.

You may never know how the least active employee in meetings may have the answer to every question you ask!

A Short Film Screening

Hold a short film screening event. But there’s a catch! All these films have to be shot by the employees themselves. Let them choose any topic: an office tour, an honest office conversation video, a social message! 

Anything that allows them to break free from the monotony and find their creative side. We suppose The Fun Movie is to be released soon at your workplace!

A Social Cause Event

Doing your bit for society can be a great way to initiate team-building among your employees. Something as simple as a tree-plantation drive or a 5km half marathon can get your employees to have a day they can be proud of.

There are simply too many opportunities to do better for society and we are sure, your employees would feel great after doing their bit!

So, the next time the office morale is down and your employees need a much-required break, skim through these options among others and gift your employees a fun time!

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