When Mrs. Agarwal woke up on her 60th Birthday, she expected a cake, a couple of
presents and maybe a bouquet or two. All dressed up to get the day started, she came
downstairs to find something she never expected!

Standing in the living room was a hunky guitarist ready to play some of her favorite
musical numbers and sweep her off her feet!

Not something you’d expect on your 60th birthday, but a surprise planning committee
chaired by her daughter-in-law and co-conspirators, The Dotted i had arranged for a
musical surprise to give Mrs. Agarwal something she had never imagined.

The surprise only dawned on her when the guitarist began with his rendition of Happy
Birthday and moved on to some of her most cherished English and Hindi numbers. The
guitarist handed her the special birthday bouquet and the musical surprise was nothing
short of a delight.

“Planning the musical surprise for Mrs.Agarwal’s 60th birthday was one of the most fun
things we’ve had to do. Coming down on your 60th Birthday to find a charming guitarist
ready to sweep you off your feet is the most unimaginable yet enjoyable experiences
ever!”, said Naadia Mirza, Founder of The Dotted i.

The Dotted i specialized in planning personalized surprises and themed events with
special attention to the finer details of the event. From a day long experience on a Harley
Davidson to a culinary date with a five star chef, The Dotted i knows how to help you
plan a surprise that “wows” your loved ones.


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