When it comes to birthday’s, we always want to do more & more for our loving partners. For the man who has your heart, it just has to be super special. You want to make sure that it is a personalised & thoughtful gift; Something that is extremely close to his heart, as close as you!

If your husband is not fond of receiving gifts, then surely a fun surprise activity is the way to go! It’ll help rekindle the bond & strengthen the knot. If you’re sitting there scratching your head, wondering what fun activities you can take your partner for, here are 7 creative ways to make your husband feel special on his birthday:

1. Picnic Surprise

If your husband is someone who loves to relax and enjoy the soothing vibes of nature, then our Picnic Surprise is just for him. An experience to rejuvenate the mind & the body while being pampered thoroughly. We will also add a romantic touch by recreating a cozy hideaway for two.

2. Rent a Bartender

When was the last time you & your husband went to a bar to sit, relax, have some exquisite drinks and enjoy each others company, only to be spoiled by the loud music and the rowdy crowd. Well, this time, instead of going to the bar, why not bring the bar to your home? Hire a bartender from Dottedi who’ll make you a mean old-fashioned flirty margarita to make your night unforgettable.

3. Couple Treasure Hunt

Test your husband & yourself to a fun couple treasure hunt activity where both of you must your way to each other & relive the individual journey that brought you together through a maze of love.

4. The Lover Dover Surprise

If you can’t help falling in love, we’ve got you. Gift your husband, the surprise of a lifetime. Experience the perfect romantic moment with Dottedi’s personalised lover-dover surprise and charm your significant other!

5.The Black Tie Experience

If there ever was a service that was made for James Bond, then this would be it. Pamper your husband silly with premium, custom fitted clothing, a rejuvenating grooming session at the spa, and to top it all off, a special dinner with you at the end of the night.

6. Movie Screening Surprise

We've found the ultimate movie buff hack and it stars none other but you & your husband, a private movie screen, gourmet food and state of the art service of surprises! It's a surprise experience unlike any other.

7. Secret Destination Surprise

Want to escape from the hustle & bustle of the city to a calm serene destination? The Secret Destination Surprise is just what you’re looking for. A destination unknown, the journey, unforgettable. Take your husband on a luxurious trip to a date like no other.

Looking for more quirky gifts & surprises? Head over to Dottedi to find the best of personalised gifting experiences!

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