The merrily awaited day of Christmas finally came and went, and Dottedi just had to be there to spread the festive cheer. Being a gifting company, Dottedi had to be an early bird in the Christmas celebrations, with lots of fun activities planned for the day. Christmas is one of the most special days of the year, and even a small amount of kindness and love is enough to make it memorable for someone. Sharing love and joy is an important part of this time and Dottedi took the challenge of making it the most joyful day of the year for your loved ones. The spirit of Christmas lies in spending time with your family and friends, giving love and joy and showing kindness to others no matter what. Here’s what Dottedi did to spread the festive cheer on Christmas in Bangalore and make sure no one was left behind in receiving bundles of joy! 

Things Dottedi Did 

Dottedi had a grand Christmas planned for the residents of Bangalore with many out-of-the-box and thoughtful initiatives that resonated with the Christmas spirit. 

Rent a Tree

As you probably know, the Christmas tree is the most popular decor item purchased on Christmas. Did you know that approximately 36 million Christmas trees are sold each year worldwide? But the problem with everyone buying a tree at Christmas and not being able to maintain it after leads to a whole lot of wastage and environmental damage. This is why Dottedi executed 12 Rent a Christmas Tree activities across the town and successfully managed to convince people to switch to renting trees instead of buying them! The importance of having a Christmas tree in your home on Christmas day is well known. The tree’s branches are viewed as an emblem of immortality and signifies the symbolic birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Having a tree in your home brings joy to you and those around, and if you get a Christmas tree hire, you can spread that joy all year long, when that tree is replanted elsewhere! There’s absolutely no wastage as renting a tree is more eco-friendly and convenient for you too. Dottedi is always glad to be a part of a celebration that is all about sustainability!

9 Santa at Doorsteps

Santa at Your Doorstep is a very special experience offered by Dottedi in which our coordinators dressed as Santa and his elf make rounds of the city of Bangalore, knocking at doors with a sack full of gifts for everyone. Dottedi gave kids everywhere a delightful surprise on Christmas day with 9 Santa at Doorsteps spreading love and joy. We were there to see the super happy looks on the faces of little children when they opened their door to find Santa himself standing there with a bag full of presents for them! A day like Christmas should be spent spreading and receiving love and that is exactly what Dottedi’s Hire a Santa did! Seeing faces light up on seeing a naughty little elf and their dear Santa on Christmas eve is something a child will never forget. Santa collected letters from kids, played songs for them and gave them loads of treats and presents. 

Spreading Joy With Over 200 Christmas Hampers!

While there were many who enjoyed Christmas with their families, there were also those who had to spend it apart from their loved ones. For them, we delivered over 200 Christmas hampers to spread a whole lot of festive cheer and happiness. Our Christmas hampers included all types of traditional Christmas gifts like Gourmet boxes, Wine hampers and delicious treats like Brownies in a box. The spirit of Christmas was felt by all those who were surprised by the knock on their front door and a luxurious hamper was there, waiting to be opened. Nothing can sum up the feeling of receiving an unexpected surprise on Christmas day, but our heartwarming hampers did play their role in making Christmas merrier! There were many who became a long distance Santa for their loved ones by sending them presents through Dottedi and our elves did a great job of delivering it to them on time.

Until Next Time

Dottedi was started with the purpose of spreading love and joy, and through the Christmas festivities, we were glad to do just that. Christmas was a feather in our cap as we managed to delight so many people and make them believe in the magic of Christmas. No matter what the occasion is, you can count on Dottedi to keep bringing joy to the town through our exciting gifts and remarkable experiences. It’s farewell for now, but we are only getting ready for the next time we get to make someone happy with our innovative ideas!

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