Kids are the most precious entity for any parent and there is no better feeling than making your kid feel special on their birthdays.

At Dottedi, we understand this precious bond between you and your children; That’s why we have come up with some amazing & unique experiences for your kids which includes party planning, themed wonderlands and so much more!

1. Picnic Setups

There’s nothing better than a fun picnic with food, friends and sunshine that allows your kid’s mind and body to stay active. Throwing a surprise picnic party will give your kid unmatched joys and memories.

2. Whimsical Wonderlands

This is a special time for the Parents and Grandparents. We pride ourselves in combining the tradition of the service with the excitement of the celebration. All the details are covered from custom Siddurs to creative design concepts-full of colour, laughter and great memories.

3. Pinterest Birthday

Are you planning to host a birthday party for your small one? Dottedi has got you covered with a range of eclectic birthday decoration themes. As the name suggests, these birthdays are inspired by some of the best birthday boards from Pinterest to give your child the most colourful birthday experience!

4. Ball Pool Party

This one is an absolute favourite when it comes to birthdays! DOTTEDi brings to you a colourful experience that makes every kid just want to dive in and wade in the pool of balls to their hearts content.

5. Adventure Birthday Theme

These are the pics of the special Fortnite Birthday party that we organised for one of our customers. It was completely created on the theme of a Video game called Fortnite which your kid will love for sure to experience in real life in an open environment.

All these themes were designed according to the requirements and choices of our customers, so you can design also design your very own personalized birthday party theme for your kid as per their taste and likings.

Contact us today to gift your kid the surprise of a lifetime!

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