Has keeping employees happy at work becoming a difficult task for you? Well, know that happier employees are synonymous with productivity and commitment to the company. That's why investing in it will bring good results for your business.

Many entrepreneurs are concerned about the finances, production, sales and growth of the company. However, they forget to think about the well-being of their employees. Not that other things aren't important, they are! But, the employee also needs to be valued so that they can work more motivated.

Making employees happy in any company will have direct benefits in the annual results. As each employee is unique, there’s no direct formula for having happy employees at workspace. However, there are certain variables that, well applied to the employees, will help make a company and its ecosystem a happy place to work with! Therefore, listed below are some tips one needs to adapt for keeping employees happy at work!

  • Listen to the employees

Internal communication is essential to be able to create empathy and know how workers value a company.

The best way to know if your employees are happy or not is by asking them. In this way you will identify possible internal problems and can eradicate them before it is too late.

Many companies use some online tools  to prepare small surveys and send them to their workers at the end of the week in order to identify possible improvements. In these tests they pose basic questions such as:

- How was your week?

- You have had a lot of work?

- Would you highlight something from this week?

Employee feedback is the most important thing in a company. We must consider their ideas and concerns into account. This is essential to make them feel valued and, incidentally, to improve our internal processes.

Remember that the employee’s satisfaction and happiness has a direct impact on your productivity and, therefore, on the overall results of the company. A happy environment benefits everyone.

In addition to surveys, ongoing and open communication is essential. One can use internal chat tools like slack, google chat, etc that help improve communication between employees.

  • Delegate and set goals

Giving power and responsibility to a worker helps keep their motivation high. It gives them a reason to keep striving and make sense of their day to day, offering them a direction to follow so as not to wander through the company.

But it is not enough just to delegate responsibilities, you will also have to establish objectives to be achieved in a limited space of time (monthly, quarterly, annually).

It is recommended that the achievement of these objectives have a reward behind. In this way, both the company and the employee will benefit: the worker feels fulfilled with their work, gets a reward that will affect their happiness and the company will be able to increase productivity and, therefore, improve the financial result.

  • Help them in their professional career

In the majority of cases, career paths take us to places that we might not have considered long ago. There is the possibility that our professional dreams will be truncated and we end up working in positions that we do not consider our vocation.

However, this situation can be well managed if we help our employees understand that each position has interesting elements that can help their self-realization.

Help your employees in their training. Encourage them to sign up for courses, workshops or conferences to expand the knowledge that they can use in their day-to-day lives. Moreover, continuous efforts in learning can make a great difference in the working environment.

  • Celebrate collective accomplishments

There is no doubt that celebrating together makes us happy, and there are many reasons to celebrate. Successes, new clients, appreciation or the completion of projects. Take advantage of this to gather your team in the company cafeteria or at the corner bar.

We must involve all staff in that positive state. It is important that everyone feels part of the successes achieved, that their grain of sand has served as something to achieve important objectives for the company.

This will undoubtedly help relieve tension and promote a pleasant environment where a good work environment should be the protagonist.

  • Celebrating birthdays and festivals together for creating a good office environment

We all know, a little celebration can put a smile on many faces. Why not follow this for keeping employees happy at work? A little appreciation gift online can make a great difference. The  best would be to bring birthday gifts on their birthdays, monday blues - if they are tired and you like to cheer them up, gifts on occasion or by gifting their achievements (if working from home). Also, to make any celebration more special, let's try to buy some themed cakes as unique gifts for employees. 

Final consideration

“Happy workers yield better results.” This line has a lot of meanings hidden in it. As a team you just need to contribute towards positivity to keep each and every employee happy and sound in their working environment. Lastly, the master key to fostering an optimal environment is “looking for what makes you enjoy your work. Put the focus on the positive and see the results!!

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