Christmas is a special time for everyone, the time of the year when your house is humming with the sound of your family members and everyone is having fun celebrating the end of the year. Making Christmas eve memorable is not difficult if you have some stellar ideas to keep your family members entertained. If you want them to feel the magic in the air, make sure the plans are made as per their interests. Pick an activity that the entire family would enjoy doing together that would also fit into your budget. There are several heart-rendering ways to make this Christmas even merrier and spending quality time with your family is the best one!

Play The Game of White Elephant With Your Friends

Make this Christmas even more fun with a White Elephant gift exchange. It’s a popular Christmas game and goes by the name of Dirty Santa or Yankee Swap. To play this game, gather your friends together and let them each contribute one gift to the pool. After this, all players will draw numbers to determine what order they will go in, and then sit in a circle in that order and place the presents in the center. Make sure you sit in such a way that everyone can see the pile of presents. The first player randomly selects a present from the pile and opens it. Now the following players can choose whether to pick another present from the pile or steal the present from the previous player! And the game continues till everyone has received their present. It’s a fun challenge to get the best Christmas gift hampers from the pile!

Throw an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

What’s a Christmas party without those blinding ugly sweaters and noisy guests? An ugly sweater Christmas party is one where all those invited are required to wear ugly Christmas sweaters and along with the dress, ugliness is a part of the entire night’s proceedings. This party requires everything to happen in bad taste, from the dress code to the menu as well as the activities for the evening. It’s a liberating party that sets you free from the rest of the year’s formal parties with heels, suits and good behaviour. Once in a while, it’s okay to get a little crazy and show your quirky side. You are in charge of all the activities planned for the evening after the guests arrive- be it a karaoke, ugly sweater contest, quirky games, or a gift exchange. No Christmas party is complete without a cake, so you can get a customised Christmas themed cake too!

Play The Game of Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in which you and your friends, family or coworkers buy a gift for a person anonymously. Instead of everyone buying gifts for everyone in the group, Secret Santa ensures everyone gets a gift and adds an element of mystery to the Christmas festivities! This is a classic holiday tradition in which guessing is as much a part of the fun as receiving your gift. The tradition originated from the old Scandinavian practice of knocking on someone’s door, throwing a present inside when it opens and then running away. Though everyone has their own rules, Secret Santa is played by drawing random names from a group of people. You have to buy a gift for the person whose name you pick from a wish list of gift ideas to be chosen from. Players can also add one or two hints about the gifts they want on their chit to make sure they get something they love. The most interesting part is, after the gift exchange, you need to take a guess at your Secret Santa!

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Get Creative With DIY and Make Your Own Mulled Wine

Wine is a Christmas favourite and drinking homemade red wine at home along with a delicious cake or cheese on the side is a heavenly combination. But if you want to try something unique, try making mulled wine at home with some aromatic spices, sugar, orange juice and some brandy. It will taste like Christmas in your mouth! Get some homemade red wine (even store bought wine will do) and put it in a pan along with 100g of granulated sugar and an aromatic spices mix. The spices you will need are star anise, whole cloves, cardamom pods, whole nutmeg, cinnamon sticks and 2 tablespoon dried orange peel. Heat them together gently without boiling until the sugar dissolves. After that, add 100 ml of orange juice and 1-2 tbsp port or brandy. And your delicious mulled wine is now ready to serve! The process of making it is as fun as drinking it with your friends. 

Bake Cookies Together

One of the best activities you can do with your family along with the kids is baking delicious cookies and crumbles. If eating the raw cookie dough, tasting everyone's favourite ingredients and having a blast is what you love, this activity is for you! It is one of the most heartwarming things to do together. You can also serve up some yummy cookies whenever anyone visits and remember this day for a long time. 

Decorate a Christmas Tree Together

Get your own Christmas tree, pick a corner and place it there. Trim it together with your family and bring a ton of ornaments for them to hang on the tree. It's a super fun activity, especially for the kids. See who can decorate the tree the best and finally top it off with some fairy lights to make it glow. The Christmas tree grabs attention as soon as someone enters your home, so find a perfect place for it so that everyone can admire your decorating skills!

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Christmas comes once a year, but it leaves us with decades of memories to cherish. This time is special because you are surrounded by family and friends and can feel grateful for their presence. Make sure they feel loved and give them a Christmas surprise worth remembering. Shower them with wonderful and extraordinary Christmas gifts from Dottedi and watch their faces light up like the Christmas lights!

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