Christmas is right around the corner and we can’t wait to decorate our Christmas trees, enjoy a meal with your family & for the world to be lit up with red, white & green lights. Many fun traditions are a huge part of celebrating Christmas. One such custom is the Secret Santa gift exchange.

What is Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a holiday custom where people from a group or community are arbitrarily assigned a person who they need to give a gift to. The mysterious aspect of this game is that the identity of the person giving the gift must remain hidden, and hence the receiver does not know who bought the present for them. People often play a version of the game where they try to guess who bought them the gift.
Secret Santa a classic game that is often played at work holiday parties and family gatherings. Sounds fun, doesn’t it! But have you ever wondered where this tradition began?

The Origin of Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a tradition that originated in the west. Larry Dean Stewart is a philanthropist who is considered to be the very first Secret Santa who came up with the idea of giving anonymous gifts during the holidays. He allegedly donated $100 for more than 25 years to people in Kansas & $25,000 in the form of $100 bills to New Yorkers after the unfortunate 9/11 event. In the year 2006, Stewart came out as the ‘Secret Santa’ that everyone was so curious about.

The Secret Santa game is a custom that most people are familiar with throughout the world, but different regions have different names for it. In the United Kingdom, the game is referred to as ‘Kris Kingle’, in Ireland it's Kris Kindle which is adapted from "Christkindl," which means "Christ child").

Some sources also suggest that the tradition of Secret Santa began in Scandinavia where it is referred to as ‘Julkapp’. This version is a bit different wherein you leave a gift at someone’s doorstep, knock on the door and then run away. Ah! The thrill is unreal! It almost feels like a prank. Not a bad one though, one that can put a smile on a stranger’s face.

No matter what the game is called in different parts of the world and how it is played, the common element throughout all the versions is that of mystery gifting.

Now that you are privy about the concept of Secret Santa, go ahead & be someone’s Santa Claus that they always dreamed of having. If you’re planning to host a Secret Santa event at your office or home, you’d surely want to check out some of these amazing Dottedi gifts. 

Dottedi Secret Santa Gifts

1.Secret Santa Sack 

What better way to surprise someone than a sack full of mystery gifts. For Christmas this year, send your friend some Christmas cheer with a mystery gift sack. All you have to do is tell us whom you want to surprise along with their age, gender, with your budget and our elves will customise the gift sack to make sure that you become the best Secret Santa who ever existed. Some essential that the sack will contain include DIY card making set, Santa tin or snowman tin, DIY Christmas ball painting, a box of popcorn and a wooden push along.

2.Christmas Stocking(Available in Red & Green)

Filling up stockings with gifts is a big part of the Christmas tradition. You've been Socked!!! Open the sock, and fill your treat! There’s just a unique feeling about receiving a gift in a stocking. It has a complete Christmas vibe to it

3.Santa & Snowman Tin

Bring on the Christmas spirit in your little ones with our adorable 3 tier Santa and Snowman tin set! If you’re struggling to find a Secret Santa gift for someone, there’s nothing better than a cute Santa or snowman Tin.

4.Don’t Open Before 25th Gunny Sack  

  DO NOT OPEN BEFORE 25th! Makes it more tempting, doesn’t it? Stuff this adorable Christmas themed ‘Don't Open Before the 25th Gunny Sack’ with sweet gifts and love for your loved ones to open, celebrate and enjoy.  

Dottedi Christmas Décor

How enthralling is it to see a lit up Christmas tree with gifts spread all around? This is just what we bring to you with this plan. A chance to get your house ready for some Christmas cheer. Our little elves will help you with setting up a Christmas tree and rest of the festivities

Throwback to Christmas Décor at Bengaluru International Airport  HO HO HO Surprise!

This festive season, hope you are checked out of your naughty list, as we call Santa to give in the twist. With this surprise, spread some cheer for your employees or co-workers by getting Santa to deliver a couple of gifts Get ready to receive a long list of presents, including tech-savvy gadgets, tasty treats and unique decor that will brighten up any office space.

Santa at Your Doorstep Surprise

How would it feel when Santa himself knocks at your door with his sack full of gifts for everyone?!! Exciting enough, right? Let us help you plan this surprise for your loved ones, this festive season and allow us to spread some cheer! If you’re wondering where to find more of such unique gifts & Christmas Décor, head over to our Christmas page. 

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