The holiday season is almost here. Yay!! Are you all set to have fun, enjoy the holidays and party too?
With parties, especially too many of them, come hangovers too – could be the alcohol or non alcohol induced ones. Hangovers often come with a brain crushing headache (you don’t think that can happen, ask someone who has experienced a hangover), nausea accompanied by little or lots of throwing up (ewww), bad breath, bad taste in the mouth, loss of ability to walk straight, see clearly and a couple of other not very nice effects. As a result you could end up looking like this the next morning – So if the night before was a little too much fun and you need some help to get moving, we have the perfect cure with our latest, exclusive and unique product – The Recovery Kit </b>!
 This is a modern day first aid kit which takes away your headache, body ache, heart ache, errr well that last one is a tough nut and so no guarantees for that.

Read the detailed instruction sheet that comes with the kit and rest assured it will help you be ready to go wherever you need to. Or if you want to be well prepared in advance, carry that with you and use it after the party :)

 The kit contains –

Eye mask, Ice pack, Funky band aids, Party Smart pills, Electral – oral re-hydration salts, Mouth freshening chewing gum and an Instruction sheet.

Use the ice pack to take away those body aches and pains, the eye mask to have a restful, undisturbed sleep. Electral will help you restore that salt balance and hopefully make you feel less pukish. The gum is to refresh your mouth and take that bad breath away, especially if you are in a hurry coz you overslept and are late for that lovely afternoon brunch with your friends!
The funky band aids cover any embarrassing hickeys, bites, scratches or make for perfect conversation starters after the hangover

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