The festive season is here and you know what that means! Celebrations, gifts and more gifts! The tradition of gifting is a major part of Diwali and we have loads of new products and hampers lined up for you. With so many options for gifts out there, it can be hard to choose the right one. We have compiled a list of five gift hampers with various products so you can find just what you’re looking for.

  1. Dhoom Dhadaka Combo

This dhamaka is the only one we encourage. Filled with various surprises you’ll find the following products in this gift hamper:
1 Pack of Brownies.
1 Pack of Cracker Chocolates.
1 Pack of Dry Fruits.
1 Small Diya.

This combo hamper might include a few extra surprises as well. Go ahead and get yourself this amazing surprise. Who knows, you might just get lucky!

  1. Festive Hamper – Urlis

A perfect gift for a glamorous occasion! This hamper contains - 12" Urli + 3 Assortments + Diya. The Urli bowl is a traditional cookware utensil used in the south Indian state of Kerala.

  1. Festive Celebration Hamper

The season of joy, glitter and song is here. Ring in the festivities with our celebration hamper and make your holidays extra special. The festive celebration hamper contains the following products:
Sparkling Fruit Juice + Popcorn + Playing Cards + Pack of Truffle Chocolates + Tin of Cookies

  1. Diwali Hamper

This gift hamper includes a well-rounded set of products that are inspired by the spirit of Diwali. This hamper contains a set of 2 bowls, Brownies, Dry fruit, 2 Diya’s (small and large) and Social stationary.

  1. Cheers Hamper

Want to celebrate with your loved one the right way? Say cheers in style with the Dottedi Cheers Hamper! The hampers contain the following products:

- Spa Bucket

- Personalised champagne bottle.

- Assorted pack of truffle chocolates packed in a gift basket with lilies and carnations.

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