Valentine’s Day is an old tradition which dates back to the year 496; Although there is a lot of mystery surrounding the day, many believe it to have originated in a Roman festival. Throughout the world, people celebrate not just the 14th of February, but rather the entire month of February as a romantic celebration.

It is a time when love is in the air with relationships blossoming everywhere. People are busy buying gifts for their husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend and so on. But valentine’s day isn’t just about giving gifts. Love is a force that pulls people closer together through moments in time. Moments in which you are present together, enjoying each other’s company.

To help you start off your love game strong this decade, Dottedi has got more than just some cliché romantic gifts for you this valentine. If you’ve been looking for unique ways to celebrate and spark the love, you’ve landed at the right place. Below you’ll find a list of specially curated romantic surprises & experiences for valentine’s day in 2020.

1.The Lover Dover Surprise

Experience the perfect romantic moment with Dottedi’s personalised Lover-Dover surprise and charm your significant other! You’ll get a customised set-up for your date and special activities planned out to bring the two of you closer. With a romantic set-up, a personalized romantic gift hamper and exquisite food, the sparks of love are bound to fly high!

2.Couple Treasure Hunt

Remember the first time the two of you met? How amazing would it be if you could relive that moment with your partner! But it won’t be as easy as the first time; With fun games & clues, we’ll make your partner find the way to you, almost as if they were looking for a treasure (YOU!).

3.Tea for Two

Nothing beats a long conversation over tea. Treat yourself and a special someone to a unique afternoon or gift the experience to a friend or parents. We have the perfect and most exclusive Tea for Two experience from Dottedi all laid out for you so you can have a little chit-chat but in style.

4.Teddy Bear Surprise

The doorbell rings. You’re wondering who it is. Probably the mailman… AAHHH! It’s a giant Teddy Bear! Surprise your loved one at their doorstep with flowers, balloons and a hug from a 6 feet tall teddy bear.

5.Musical Surprise

Music is to the soul what food is to your stomach. Imagine having a guitarist surprise you at your doorstep, any time of the day, at your convenience. Enchant the lives of your loved ones with the experience of heart-warming live music that will serenade them at their very doorstep. If you thought this could happen only in a movie, then think again.

6.Golgappa Surprise

You’ve probably argued with your partner about who can eat more. Well, now’s the time to talk the talk & walk the walk!

We present you, the ‘100 Golgappa Surprise’ where we bring you an authentic Golgappa waala at your home or any place of your choice. To add to it we have a bunch of fun activities and goodies that will eventually crown the ultimate Golgappa champion. So warriors, prepare for war!

7.The Balloon Surprise

We bring you a classic room full of balloons and ribbons that is sure to bring out the child hidden in anyone! Everyone deserves being silly and excited once in a while and balloons are the perfect excuse for it.

8.Picnic Surprise

All of us at one point need a break from the daily hectic schedule. Sometimes it’s good to sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings as they are; Take in the beauty of this world that we miss out on and help our body & mind rejuvenate.

With the Dottedi Picnic Surprise, we’ll make sure that you and your partner will be pampered thoroughly. We will also add a romantic touch by recreating a cosy hideaway for two.

9. Post It Surprise

Nothing says ‘I truly love you’ more than handwritten post-it notes. But why just stop at 1 note? Why not 500 of them stuck on a board for a big grand message?

Everyone loves post-it-notes. They are both cute and compact at the same time. Surprise your significant other with 500 post its, to create an amazing surprise with words of your choice written on it.

If you’ve enjoyed our unique collection of Valentine’s surprises, you might like our collection of Valentine’s Gifts as well. Go check them out and make your partner feel super special.

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