If you are someone who loves throwing parties, you must have heard of this popular party feature. A balloon arch is an elegant and stunning decorative feature that makes the party look grand without many decorative items placed everywhere. If you have a simple balloon arch, you can cut back on other decorations and get away with it. Be it wedding parties, baby showers, birthdays, engagements, bachelorettes, or any other party where you expect a large number of guests, a balloon bouquet or arch is the best way to add some charm to the room. It is not just a great decorative piece but also a stunning backdrop for any photos you will click throughout the evening. And the best part of all, they are not difficult to put together at all, nor do they cost much. All you need is a bunch of latex balloons, preferably of different sizes, to add some personality, a glue gun, beading wire, and a pegboard! Balloon arches just add fun to every celebration, and you will agree with us too, once you know how easy they are to make. If you are wondering how to make a balloon arch, here’s how you can go about putting together the best balloon decorations for your celebration. 

Collect The Materials

Before buying the required materials for the arch, you need to pick from some balloon decoration themes and how you want your arch to look. Decide on where you want to set it up, so you know how many balloons you will require and of what size. One of the timeless balloon arch ideas would be to go with big white-colored balloons for the base, with the colorful addition of blue, silver metallic, or pink balloons. The color palette is totally up to you. But you can add some balloons of different sizes to spice things up. If you have a blank wall, you can set up a pegboard to make it easier to hang the arch. Now that your prep is done, just gather all the materials:

  • Latex balloons of different colors and sizes

  • Electric balloon pump for blowing balloons

  • Thin wire for beading

  • Pegboard along with pegs for attachment

  • Low-temperature glue gun

  • Optional- embellishments like tassels

Let’s Begin!

Inflate the balloons

Begin by inflating your balloons with a balloon pump or with your mouth. Be aware of how many balloons you will need and of which colors so that the ratio of your balloons is perfect for the party. Also, if you are planning to go for balloons of different sizes, you will need to inflate them accordingly. 

String Them on The Beading Wire

Once inflated, all your balloons are ready to be strung. Before making the arch, the string will help you make a garland of the balloons, so they are easy to peg onto the board. Cut a piece of beading wire and make it as long as you want your arch to be. Keep about 10-20 inches of additional wire on each side. Start stringing your balloons on the wire by skewering the end where you tied them off. 

Make a Garland

Keep stringing the balloons in the order you want, with a mix of small and large-sized balloons of various colors. 

Set Up Your Pegboard

Once your garland is ready, set up a pegboard with pegs to hold your bouquet of balloons. Hang the hooks or pegs on the board. Two side hooks and one central hook will be required to create an arch. The main hook must be placed at a greater height than the side hooks to form the top of the arch. 

Attach Your Garland

Locate the midpoint of the garland and attach it to the central hook at the top. The ends of the garland will be hung over the side hooks, and voila! Your stunning balloon arch is ready. Fluff and arrange your balloons until they take the shape of the arch. Fill in any spaces by gluing smaller balloons to the balloon arch garland.

Some Tips To Get The Ideal Balloon Arch

  1. Use latex balloons of high quality because cheaper balloons will not hold under the pressure of twisting and attaching the garland. Also, the thin material of cheap balloons will stretch out and give an unwanted color variation. Not only are the thick latex balloons better for the environment, but they will also provide an appealing look to your balloon arch. 

  2. You can use some embellishments like tassels, flowers, ribbons, or other extras by placing them in between balloons to add a wow factor to your arch. Add these items after your garland has been assembled and attached so that you know whether these will be adding pizzazz to the display of your arch.

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