Giving gifts and surprises to your loved one's on a special occasion is pretty cool, but how awesome would it be if you share a truly special experience with them planned out precisely throughout the day? It would be a memorable day for you and your loved one that you could cherish for a lifetime. It is said that the perfect present is the one you can’t wrap. Giving someone experiences like adventures, taking them out on mega dinner dates or even an adrenaline rush with a skydiving experience is bound to make them more happy than a physical gift. If you want to splurge, it is better to do so on something that will stay in their memories forever and bring you closer to them. Because experiences tend to generate more excitement, they take longer for us to adapt to, which is why the feeling of experiences never gets old. Experiences are also likely to be social and involve going out and interacting with someone, which is why they influence our happiness largely. Here are some different types of experiences that you can plan to make your loved one’s day incredible. 

Picnic Surprise

Be a gracious host and plan an outing with six to seven of your friends and family out in the meadows. We can also plan a Picnic Surprise for two by recreating a cozy hideaway for a couple. View the whimsical decorations, props, and picnic accessories of an outdoor picnic dining experience. Give your friends and family the bliss of a picturesque location surrounded by delicious food and drinks. Relax your mind and body with this short picnic surprise out in the woods. Our expert creative consultants would do such a great job arranging this surprise that your guests would ask you to host picnics all the time!

Secret Destination

If you really want a thrilling experience, opt for a secret destination surprise experience, which consists of taking your loved one to a destination they don’t know of, either for the day or overnight. The mystery of riding the car and not knowing where you’re going sounds too good to be true! You can also choose to keep yourself in the dark by asking Dottedi to decide a location based on your budget. It is one of the most exciting experiences that will include a relaxing spa at the location, luxurious lunch, movie and a special gift hamper. 

Golgappa Experience

It’s practically impossible to hate golgappas, which is why golgappa experience is best for those with an intense passion for Indian street food. We will bring an authentic Golgappa wala at your house or the place of your choice where you can enjoy 100 golgappas and one of you will be crowned the golgappa champion! There are also other surprises in store which you will love. The benefit of organizing experiences is that they are so much more meaningful than regular presents. When you can go all out and have a golgappa wala at your house, why waste time planning anything else!

Gift Box Surprise

Another classic mystery experience is having a large gift box delivered to your loved one’s doorstep, and seeing their excitement to open it. But wait, there’s a catch! They can’t open the box unless they answer some fun questions posed to them by an onsite coordinator. No one can beat the classic surprise spiced up with a hint of fun by making them wait to open their secret gift! Call Dottedi’s creative consultants and we will set up a fun and quirky mysterious surprise box that your partner would be excited to receive. 


While giving a gift is certainly special and memorable for the recipient, experiences are a play on the human mind and are bound to generate more excitement and delight. This is because experiences surround you and act on all your senses, which is why you can’t help but feel amazed as to what has been arranged especially for you. Experiences like a Golgappa Surprise, Dinner Date and Secret Destination are absolutely unique and incomparable to any other physical present. Experiences also tend to be special because they involve some creativity and knowledge as to what the recipient actually loves. Your efforts in making them happy through an experience really makes them feel adored and cherished.

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