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Breakup Gift Hamper - Male


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        Do you know what the bright side of every breakup is? If your ex was your cup of tea, doesn't matter, because now you have a shot at champagne! (IYKWIM) Chin up, DOTTEDi's Break Up Crate has your back!
        Whether it's for your friend, sibling, or if you're feeling really really cheeky, your ex, (don't get ideas!), DOTTEDi's Breakup Crate covers all the needs of the heartbroken- food, drinks, gifts, and most importantly, motivation (keep reading to know what we are talking about). A present like this not only shows how much you care, it also boosts morale and reminds your beloved recipient to look at the brighter things in life. Oh, we guarantee you, even if this can't mend their heart, it will most definitely put a smile to their face. For that they'll have you to thank (and you'll have us)!

        DOTTEDi's Break Up Crate comes with the following items:

        1. 'Get Your Shit Together' Notebook-
        Sometimes relationships take up so much time and energy, we lose track of our goals. Help your heartbroken friend get their life on track with this no-nonsense 'Get Your Shit Together' notebook.

        2. One Beer Glass -
        A beer glass to help your friend down oodles of their happy juice. Yes, we at DOTTEDi make sure to cover all the bases!

        3. Beer Cans (2)-
        Everybody needs a little help to get by when times get tough, agreed? Beer keeps you lightly buzzed without pushing you into the drunk-sobbing zone. As such, just one helping can never be enough. So we at DOTTEDi keep in our Break Up Crate not just one but two beer cans!

        4. Playboy poster/magazine-
        Distractions are important after big breakups. A magazine like this will do a great job at keeping your friend's mind off things (and on others!). Wink.

        5. One Personalized tissue box -
        Nothing like a box of tissues to help you when you're feeling upset. Or frisky. Either works.

        6. One Personalised Chocolate Bar-
        Come on, do we even need to tell you about the importance of chocolates during heartbreak? Fun fact: the chocolate bar wrapper is customizable!

        Upgrade to a crate at just an additional charge of Rs. 1000. (Recommended)
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