At DOTTEDi we believe in hiring staff that are as passionate about creating memories and are good at their craft. For us the customer comes first and following this principle the we have establish a customer centric team who will go out of their way to make sure you get the best experience.

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The company looks for people who are maverick in nature. We also pride ourselves at being a collaborative team where everyone’s input is vital for the best idea to evolve.

Events Consultant

Our events consultants specialize in understanding client needs and making sure every event runs smoothly. With an eye for detail, DOTTEDi is enthusiastic about hiring staff that ensure that events are meticulously planned and every element agrees with the overall theme of the event.

Surprise Consultants

Our Surprise Consultants are trained to be super sneaky when planning a surprise. That’s why we are pioneers at surprises! The consultants will brain storm ideas and bring surprises to life.

Customer Care Buddies

Everyone at DOTTEDi is a customer buddy before their designated role. All queries are welcomed and handled by every member of the staff. We are always happy to help.

Operations Elves

Just like Santa at DOTTEDi we have a team of helpers who keep make sure everything is running smoothly. With an eye for detail and pride for their work, this invaluable team keeps our spirits at an all-time high.

If like to be the part of the team please drop in your resume on