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We offer 12 vivid experiences,

Fitting the idea of a perfect Surprise Experience.


Romantic Dinner Date INR 17,500 onwards

Jazz up your love life or a romantic occasion by surprising your significant other with DOTTEDi's Dinner Date Setup! Whether you're courting someone

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Movie Night Experience INR 25,000 onwards

We've found the ultimate movie buff hack and it stars none other but you, a private movie screen, gourmet food and state of the art service of surprises! It's a surprise experience unlike any other.

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Romantic Picnic for Two INR 12,500 onwards

Allow yourself to rejuvenate your mind and body while being pampered thoroughly. We will also add a romantic touch by recreating a cozy hideaway for two or group of six based on choice.

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Golgappa Surprise INR 7,500 onwards

We are presenting you with our 100 Golgappa Surprise where we bring you an authentic Golgappa wala at your home or any place of your choice.

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Gift Box Surprise INR 7,500 onwards

Everyone loves surprises! A large mystery gift box at a desired location will definitely be high on the list of gifts your significant other can't wait to open!

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Balloon Surprise INR 5,500 onwards

Have a character as crazy as you deliver delicious cake and a personalized message, with a truck load of love to your loved one.

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A destination unknown, the journey, unforgettable. Take your special someone on a luxurious trip to a date like no other.

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Party Bus Treasure Hunt INR 120,000 onwards

Experience wanderlust right at your door step with a decked up caravan. Spice it up with a treasure hunt and end it with a short trip or simply extend it with a stay-cation.

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PROPOSALS INR 25,000 onwards

Lose yourself to your dreams, poetic representations and see it come to live with our imaginative ways to make your partner feel out of the world.

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Table Styling INR 25,000 onwards

Do you know a well set up dinner table can make your event go from 0 to 100, no matter what the scale? Well, we can't promise you that, unless of course, it's DOTTEDi doing iT..

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Group picnic Setups INR 25,000 onwards

Who doesn't love a good picnic? We know we do, and chances are you and your friends love them as well. DOTTEDi believes in taking everything up a notch, so the next time you're organizing a picnic with your loved ones, make sure to try out our signature Picnic Set Up.

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Countdown to big day INR 100,000 onwards

Give your fiance 30 days of pure bliss with a new gift every day until your wedding. Show them you're too good to be true, before you say, I do.

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Enjoy The Best Gift-Experiences With Dottedi in Bangalore

When we give gifts, we reaffirm or establish our relationship with others. In other words, they are representations of both givers and recipients, as well as their shared bond. We can express our feelings and appreciation to someone we care about by giving them a gift. As gift-giving science advances, several new gift ideas leave a lasting impact on your loved ones' minds. One of the latest gift ideas is experiential gift-giving. Providing gifts to your loved ones is all about bringing them as much happiness as possible. According to Professor Thomas Gilovich of Cornell University's psychology department, We are made up of more experiences than material goods. Experiential learning helps us not only connect with ourselves but also with others. By sharing experiences, bonds become stronger. A person's story continues even after they are not physically present. Experiential gifts have been shown to strengthen relationships regardless of whether the giver and the receiver experience them together. Irrespective of whether you choose to attend the concert you gave your best friend for his birthday, you still contributed to his story by granting him that experience.

Keeping this in mind, we at DOTTEDi have come up with an experiential gift for every occasion.

Our experiential gifting options have been done according to price range, the receiver of the surprise, and the type of experience you are specifically looking for.

Dottedi Helps You Throw The Best Parties!

Planning to arrange the best bachelorette party for your friend? Whether you're looking for an old-fashioned or a flirty margarita, a bartender from Dottedi can make you a drink to remember. It's just the right touch that will make any event classy, whether a bachelorette party or a sangeet! Give us a call if you want us to help you plan your kid's next birthday party. Make the party an unforgettable experience by hiring the best clowns and balloon artists.

With Dottedi, You Can Create The Perfect Moment

Suppose you have been waiting until just the right moment to ask your partner that one important question; let us handle it for you. We will turn any time into the perfect moment for a grand proposal with our surprise planners in Bangalore. Dottedi believes a marriage proposal should be as spectacular as the wedding itself, and thus, should be out-of-this-world. With the Proposal Setup of DOTTEDi, our world-class creative consultants create a mesmerizing, artistic ambiance so your partner can say 'yes' to your proposal!

Experience Gifting With Dottedi

Is your loved one an absolute fitness freak who can never miss a gym day? Then we are going to offer him/her the unique gift experience! With the Boot camp gift experience, you can offer your favorite person the best gym day with the help of trained professionals. Give Your Loved One An Indulgent Snack Experience With Dottedi

Golgappa is India’s most favorite snack of all time. It can transform any bad day into a good one. So get our 100 Golgappa Surprise, where we bring a Golgappa wala to your home or wherever you want. Also checkout personalized gifts for husband, rakhi gift for brother, friends themed gifts india, and many more. Added to that, we will have fun activities and goodies that will ultimately crown the ultimate Golgappa champion.


  • 1. What are the benefits of experiences over materialistic gifts?

    Ans: Each experience is unique and hard to compare. As a result, it will never be possible for anyone to give you a gift that even remotely compares with yours. Gifts that are experiential leave a longer-lasting impression on us. The memory of experiences is deeply ingrained in our psyche. The best gift you can give is an experience because it is an investment in happiness. Opt for experiential over materialistic gifts if you want to gift them a gift they will remember. The latest iPhone is sure to make anyone smile, but the novelty will fade quickly.

  • 2. What makes a gift thoughtful?

    Ans: Thoughtful Gifts are gifts that reflect the passions, loves, hobbies, and lives of the recipients. Gifts that are produced with a deep thought of what the recipient would like are usually very meaningful.

  • 3. How to pick the perfect experiential gift for your loved one?

    Ans: The process of building a bespoke experience begins with knowing the recipient's wants, but more importantly, understanding the psychology behind their motivations. Be aware of their interests to stay away from gift no-nos. For example, are they interested in the outdoors? Is learning something new a passion for them? Can they escape the city if they have any chance?

  • 4. Do experiential gifts cost less than traditional gifts?

    Ans: Depending on your budget, experiential gifts can be tailored to suit your needs. There are ways to give someone a priceless and pocket-friendly experience. Experience-based gifts are therefore highly flexible in terms of budget.

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