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Diwali Gifts

Diwali Gifts


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Celebrate Diwali 2021 with the greatest pomp and unique gift hampers

You might think that Diwali being celebrated generally at the end of October or the beginning of November is still far away; you might be slightly mistaken. Even though there are still a couple of months before the Diwali season is here, you might want to start planning early. That is because of several reasons. Firstly, as awful as it sounds, the pandemic situation is still raging on, and you can’t afford to go out often during this time, and to prepare for any festival requires going out frequently. That is why planning for this huge occasion earlier would help things get ready on time. Besides all the customary preparations, one of the main aspects of Diwali, the festival of lights, is exchanging gifts.

Best Diwali gifts online from Dottedi

During this festival, we cast away the evil from our homes and celebrate the goodness. According to legend, the people of Ayodhya celebrated Diwali when Lord Rama returned with Sita Mata from Lanka. Thus, you can gauge how important this traditional festival is. During this time, the best option for you will be to order Diwali gifts online and send them to your loved ones. Moreover, if you choose to do your Diwali online shopping from Dottedi, you can rest assured that all gifts would be delivered on time without any hassle. Some of the best Diwali hampers online you can find are:

Mini thali gift hampers: You can’t go wrong with gift hampers during Diwali season to gift to your loved ones. Instead of choosing a single item to gift to your loved ones this Diwali, make them feel extra special with the gift boxes, one of them being this mini thali gift hamper. It contains a thali of 9 inches, two diyas, dry fruits and chocolates, and a pack of incense sticks.

Festivity gift crate: Since there is a very good chance that you can’t spend this year’s Diwali at your favorite cousin’s or aunt’s place, let them know how much you miss them with this festivity gift crate. It contains two thali or bowls, traditional Diwali sweets or chocolates, a pack of incense sticks, a greeting card, two diyas or golden candles, a pack of playing cards, and a bottle opener.

Festivity of lights gift combo: This is yet another gift hamper to gift to your loved ones this Diwali. This hamper contains an infinity thali or a brass candle, a pack of incense sticks, two diyas, and a greeting card.

Lotus box gift hampers: A luxurious Diwali gift hampers, this box contains a pack of Diwali sweets or a box Of 9 Chocolates or 6 brownies, two packets of trail mixes, a bag of dry fruits, two diyas, and a greeting card.

Diwali crackers chocolate box: Imagine a Diwali gift box that contains chocolates and crackers. And no, this isn’t just your imagination because, at Dottedi, you really can get this box! This box contains a crackers collection which includes two sparklers, one Laxmi bomb, one green bomb, two flower pots, and more. Besides these, this box contains a total of 500 gms of milk and dark chocolate combined. This is a perfect gift for your loved one to whom you would instead gift chocolates than eat all of it yourself!

For the upcoming Diwali, these are some of the best Diwali gifts for friends online for you to gift your loved ones this year.

Why choose from Dottedi?

Dottedi is one of India’s best gifting online stores, where you can get the most awesome gift hampers for every occasion. So it does not matter whether you are celebrating Teacher’s Day, Raksha Bandhan, Christmas , or New year you will find several gift items that you can gift to your loved ones, fitting the occasions. Moreover, Dottedi delivers all across India without any hassle, and our deliveries are always on time.


Q1.What are the latest and trending corporate Diwali gifts for the year 2021?

Ans. All the above-listed gifts are the trendiest corporate Diwali gifts you can gift to your loved ones this Diwali. Nowadays, gift hampers are the trendiest choice while gifting people on Diwali instead of individual items.

Q2.Why do people exchange gifts on Diwali?

Ans. The exchanging of gifts in India is an age-old tradition in India since it is a festival that celebrates goodness, love, and prosperity. Moreover, the tradition of gifting symbolizes affection and companionship amongst people.

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