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        The Diwali Dinner Experience is one of DOTTEDi’s most popular, flagship experiences. After all, how can one imagine being desi without the quintessential grand, extravagant Diwali celebrations, right?

        DOTTEDi is all about making sure your Diwali party stands out from the rest. Whether it is our statement table setups, the 7-course food spread, or the stunning floral decor, DOTTEDi will not only take the burden off your shoulders but will also make sure your guests are both satisfied and spellbound by the arrangements. Rest assured, your Diwali party will be the talk of the town, at least until next year when you hire us again!
        DOTTEDi’s Diwali Dinner Experience comprises the following deliverables:

        1. Table styling and setting inclusive of crockery, cutlery, and premium decorations with real flowers What's a party without a table to anchor the crowd? DOTTEDi will ensure your table reflects all your preferences and needs, all while looking showstopping at the same time.

        2. Lighting Lighting is one of those underrated elements in a party that can transform the ambience of any space and celebration. Whether you want a disco dance floor or an elegant evenly-lit ambience, we will get it done for you, while keeping the quality consistent and uncompromised.

        3. Floral Ceiling Decor Can you imagine a Diwali party without the intricate floral decorations? The creative consultants at DOTTEDi harness the power of making their clients' occasions stand out, so rest assured, the floral decor in your party will not only be magnificent but something your guests have never seen before.

        4. Entrance decor with signage Quirky, conventional, or iconic- whatever your taste is, DOTTEDi can tailor your party's entrance decor and signage to your personality and your likes.

        5. Seven-course sit-down meal The catering of a party can either make you the most celebrated party host of the year or can leave your guests feeling disappointed and unsatisfied. If we are the ones taking care of your Diwali dinner, know that we will not only guarantee the former but we'll also keep your guests coming back for more! Our Diwali Dinner Experience comes with a scrumptious seven-course sit-down meal, the menu of which will be 100% personalized and customizable to your palate.

        6. Service assistants (2) Hosting a party can be stressful, and since we are big on making your life easier whichever way you can, our Diwali Dinner Experience includes the expertise of not just one, but two service assistants who will attend to your and your guests' gastronomical needs through the entire duration of the party.

        7. Specialised Dessert table No matter how much you eat, there's always room for dessert. Apart from the delicious seven-course dinner spread, our clients receive a separate specialized dessert table to cater to everyone's sweet tooth and sugar cravings.

        8. Specialised Coffee table We also provide our clients with a coffee counter so your guests can chill and chitchat over a warm cuppa before or after dinner.
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