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        When life hands you lemons break out the tequila and the salt.
        DOTTEDi brings to you a party crate that will help you have the wildest night of your life. So strap on, pour yourself a drink and dance all night until you forget all of your worries and fears.

        In The Crate:
        4 bars of Chocolate
        Hangover Kit + Vices Booklet (Excuses)
        Bottle Opener
        1 Ice Tray
        6 Cans of Soda (2 Beer Cans, 2 Coke Cans, 2 Tonic Water)
        5 Paper Cups
        3 Ping Pong Balls
        3 Shot Glasses
        2 Packs of Dorito chips/Cheetos/Junk
        1 Pack of Garbage Bag

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