The festivities are hard to miss when you see the streets and homes around you dress up in the colours of the season. Frantic shopping sprees, excessive eating and prepping the house for the festivities is no easy task! From finding the perfect lighting to ordering more than required quantities of dry fruits and ghee-drenched sweets, the festive chaos is probably the funnest part of the season! Yet we managed to put together an effortless collection of pieces designed with real care and attention so every product has a perfect finish. Daytime festivities and night-time revelry? We have everything with just the right amount of twinkle. We recognize that style is personal, and we believe in the beauty of the individual. Our mission is to make this festive season an expression of your individuality and have made thoughtful pieces that you will treasure, while exploring the creative edge .We dream of grand parties adorned with the most expensive tapestry, vibrant stylized motifs and lustrous patterns in intricate embroider