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Infidel's Fantasy


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        A series of lies,
        for a love that never dies.

        Deceive your partner into a carefully orchestrated trap
        that ends with a larger-than-life romantic surprise.

        All about the experience
        * The experience begins with mysterious messages being sent to your significant other a few days before the experience.

        * A hotel room will be booked with the following elements:
        - Roses
        - Champagne
        - Candles
        - Men/Women Bondage Kit
        - Gift Hamper from Dottedi
        *To check-in to the hotel a customized kit including monogrammed keys and a raunchy message print would be sent to your significant other.
        *You can choose between a Russian dancer, a belly dancer and a pole dancer to be entertained with your significant other.
        *Experience Kit includes experience information, personalized voucher
        and message card.

        You can choose to watch the dance with your significant other. 

        The hotel will be booked for 24 hours in your significant other's name.

        The hotel can be decided jointly with the Dottedi team. 

        Only one room will be booked for the experience. 

        The client can choose a limousine or a secret pick-up service.

        This experience is applicable for two people only.

        Any further customization can be made at an additional cost.

        The experience will last for about 4 hours.

        This experience is available through the week, subject to room availability at desired hotel.

        It is advisable to book in advance to secure preferred date.

        More Information

        The images and final products will differ by 10-15%

        Minimum 2 working days required*

        Available in Bangalore only

        Care Instructions to be followed for best results.

        Any product that requires a photo, to be emailed to operations@thedottedi.in with the order number attached. (Image to be in high resolution for best clarity).

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