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        Imagine you're a child. Your parents give you a Money Plant and ask you to take care of it. They also tell you that the Money Plant, a symbol of good fortune and luck, will reward you for every good deed you do. So every time you accomplish a goal, you find some money underneath the Money Plant! You save all your rewards in a cute little savings bank (again, given by your parents) and one day you find enough money in your savings to buy that toy you always wanted!

        DOTTEDi's Kiddie Savings Combo is exactly that. It comes with a Money Plant, a porcelain savings bank and caramel popcorn. We at DOTTEDi have taken special care to craft this one-of-a-kind experience, keeping the emotional growth of your child as our number one priority. Think about it- taking care of the Money Plant will teach the child the importance of patience, responsibility and dedication. Rewarding them for their accomplishments and good behavior will inspire them to be their best selves, and encouraging them to save their monetary rewards in the savings bank will help them experience the joy of buying their own treats and toys! And the caramel popcorn? An extra treat to reward them on days they have been extra good! All this with just the Kiddie Savings Combo Combo, and a sweet little story to help them kick-start the activity.
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