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        Who doesn't love an anonymous surprise? A mysterious bouquet of flowers at the doorstep, a gift parcel without the sender's name- not only do these make a person feel loved and special, but they add the extra edge of making them wonder who might be behind it! A mystery lover? A mischievous BFF? DOTTEDi's Mystery Crate harnesses exactly this- a bounty of love, but without a trace of the sender. This can be a perfect present for a long-distance partner, BFF or parents. The gift items will put a huge smile on their face and the mystery will simply keep them wondering! Will they be able to solve it?

        DOTTEDi's Mystery Crate has 12 products (including the crate and screwdriver). Those products include -

        1. Bottle Opener -
        A bottle opener is a perfect reminder to your recipient to crack open a chilled bottle and unwind! What more, imagine this: you send your partner DOTTEDi's mystery crate in the morning and turn up at their doorstep in the evening, unannounced with a bottle of wine and a bouquet of flowers. Do you know what will come in super handy? A bottle opener!

        2. Foot Spa Bucket -
        Ah, the gift of divine indulgence. Who doesn't love a good home spa? Help your beloved recipient kick back and relax with DOTTEDi's Foot Spa Bucket. Relax your mind and soothe your body with this rejuvenating hamper that comes in an alluring bucket. It's the perfect gift for any occasion to let time take over! Includes: Exfoliating Scrub, Foot Soak, Soap, Foot Softer and Body Scrub, Lemon and peppermint fragrance. Material : Tin Dimensions: Height - 6" Width - 5.8"

        3. Caramel Popcorn and Munchies -
        There are very few things as relaxing as chilling out with a Netflix series and a big stash of caramel popcorn and munchies. Needless to say, a mystery crate for your special recipient would have been incomplete without it!

        4. Candle Set -
        There's nothing like a set of beautiful, aromatic candles to help your recipient relax their senses after a long day. Thoughtful little things like these are what makes our Mystery Crate so special.

        5. Hangover Kit -
        DOTTEDi's quintessential hangover kit is every alcohol junkie's must-have. You'll thank us later. Have a crazy hangover? We’ve got the perfect solution with our specially designed Modern Day Recovery Kit just for you! It’s a quick fix that can perk you up, Contents: Eye mask, Headache Pack, Band-aids, party pills and electrifying mints. Material : Tin

        6. Home Utility Item -
        Because it's impossible to not love presents that are utilitarian, DOTTEDi's mystery crate comes with a home utility item! Think, a cake stand or maybe even a thali.

        7. Card Set -
        The crate also comes with a set of greeting cards to convey your mood. Valentine's Day, anniversary, pre-birthday, pre-proposal- whatever is the occasion, we'll provide you with a set of cards to suit it!

        8. Shot Glasses -
        The best part about shot glasses is the fact that you can not only use them but also showcase them as memorabilia. Party animal or teetotaler, shot glasses are great presents for everyone.

        9. 'Nuts About You' - Can of Nuts -
        Do you know what's great? A can of nuts to munch on at any time of the day. Guess what's better? Nuts that come in a can that says 'nuts about you'. Ingenious, no?
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        The images and final products will differ by 10-15%.

        All gourmet products are made to order and are hand delivered.

        In case of urgent delivery, DottedI reserves the right to charge additional shipping charges.

        In case of non-serviceable areas, DottedI reserves the right to cancel the orders.

        Minimum 4 working days required

        In case of liquid substances in the hamper, they will be replaced with substitutes due to courier issues.

        Any product that requires a photo, to be emailed to with the order number attached. (Image to be in high resolution for best clarity).

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