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Customize the perfect gift with your own special photos and memories. This gift is great for any loved ones and will be remembered forever. It's intimate, affordable and fun.

Disclaimer: 1: The images and final product will differ 10-15% 2: Minimum 4 working days required to execute the confirmed order. 3. Ready to print photographs required.

Material Cardboard

Contains :
--- A game board
— Cardstock
— Dice (2)
— Monopoly houses and hotels
— Game pieces (These can come with the game you buy or you can make your own)
— Clear packaging tape
— Pictures
— Computer paper and printer size : height 9"" width 15"""
INR 2,950


1. The images and final products will differ by 10-15%
2. For bulk orders and discounts Email: operations@thedottedi.in
3. Minimum 2-3 working days required*
4. Available in PAN India
5. Any product that requires a photo, to be emailed to operations@thedottedi.in with the order number attached. (Image to be in high resolution for best clarity).