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        DOTTEDi's one-of-a-kind Raees Surprise is the perfect way to celebrate those who love their cash! You know, the aspiring billionaires, the hard-working careerists, the ambitious folks who are all set to making it on the next Forbes list. The ones who wonder, 'Hey, I should have been rich by now!' What could be a better way to delight the raees in your life than to surprise them with money?

        So here’s how the Raees Surprise goes. A consultant turns up at the recipient’s doorstep at the stipulated time. When the recipient opens the door, the consultant hands them a bunch of cash-themed balloons and a welcome note followed by playing a surprise raees quiz! At the end of the quiz, the recipient gets the signature DOTTEDi Raees Hamper, comprising the following:

        1. A Framed 2000-rupee currency note or Money Garland - It’s a frame with a simple instruction: ‘In Case of Emergency, Break Glass’. But what does the recipient get by breaking the glass? A real 2000 rupee note! Or, if you want to go down the filmy route, we also have the option of a money garland (yes, with real money!) that also amounts to INR 2000.

        2. A Photo Frame - Do you know what’ll be a really cheeky present for someone who’s always counting their cash? A photo frame. Don’t worry, it’s not just any ordinary photo frame, but one with a kitschy reminder- ‘I Thought I’d Be Rich By Now’!

        3. A Money Plant - Money Plants have historically been considered a symbol of good luck and good fortune. So it’s only imperative that you give your beloved raees recipient this small token for good luck! Oh, and did you know Money Plants also have strong air-purifying properties? All the more reason why it’s in our Raees Hamper!

        4. A Chocolate Bar - We at DOTTEDi believe chocolates can never go wrong in any surprise and occasion. Besides, what’s the point of these raees arrangements without the quintessential muh meetha, right?

        5. Rag To Riches Book - Few things can be as motivating as the success stories of inspiring people. So it’s understandable as to why we have also thrown in a small book of rag-to-riches stories in our Raees Hamper. Who knows, your beloved recipient’s success story might also get featured in the future editions of our Rags To Riches Book!

        If you want more items added to this surprise, worry not, simply get in touch with our creative consultants and they'll make it happen for you!

        PLEASE NOTE: This experience is subject to availability and only available in Bangalore. A notice period of minimum 3-4 days is mandatory. All the items will be delivered directly to the recipient's address.

        For more information on this surprise email us at dottedievents@gmail.com or call us at +91 8041528753.

        All the materials mentioned will be delivered at the recipient's residence.

        A minimum notice period of 3 to 4 working days will be required.

        This experience is subject to availability.

        Any additional will be charged on actual.

        For more information on this surprise email us at Dottedievents@gmail.com/call us.
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