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Sibling Gift Hamper


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        Siblings- can't live with them, can't live without them! Show your brother or sister how much you love them with a 24-hour series of surprise gifts from Dottedi!

        Dottedi's Sibling Hamper consists of 9 gifts that span the entire range of emotions one has for their siblings- from thoughtful and loving, to fun and quirky! Although the recipient will receive the entire box of presents at once, each gift will be tagged with a sequential timestamp so they know exactly when to open them. Don't worry, the hamper is customizable based on whether it's going to the brothers or the sisters!

        1. Brother/Sister Mug - 9 AM
        Whether or not your sibling and you agree on their choice of beverage, a quirky coffee mug unveiled at breakfast can never go wrong as a present!

        2. Personalized Notebook - 11 AM
        A notebook is a good present but you know what's better? A notebook personalized just for your sibling- like the one that comes with our Sibling Hamper!

        3. Redeemable Promissory Cards (5) - 1 PM
        Treat your darling sibling to a set of fun promises (with receipts!) that they can redeem from you at any point in time! Whether it's making chai for them or chauffeuring them around for a day- these 5 tasks will make them love you (read: cover for you) forever.

        4. Quirky Band-aids - 3 PM For all their unexplained bruises, give them the gift of Dottedi's signature kitschy bandaids!

        5. Personalized Chocolate Bar - 5 PM
        Nothing shows love like a classic chocolate bar, especially when wrapped in a quirky, customized wrapper!

        6. Candle - 7 PM
        The scented candle in the Sibling Hamper is a lovely way to help your sibling relax after a long, tiring day of work.

        7. Hangover Kit or Hand Towel (For Men) / Spa Bucket (For Women) - 8 PM
        A kitschy hangover recovery kit/hand towel for the brothers or an indulgent spa bucket for the sisters- these are presents that prove that you not only love them, but you care for them from the bottom of your heart.

        8. Netflix Cushion / Photo Cushion - 9 PM
        Dottedi's Sibling Hamper comes with an adorable cushion for your sibling to cuddle with when you're not around! A Netflix cushion for the Netflix addicts, or a printed photo cushion for those who love to keep pictorial memories- take your pick.

        9. Jar of Nothing - 10 PM
        We spend our entire lives teasing our siblings by saying they mean 'nothing', or they are 'nothing', or that they are full of - you guessed it right - 'nothing'! We at Dottedi played around with this fun symbolism by including an empty jar in the hamper, 'The Jar of Nothing', to show your beloved sibling that despite being called 'nothing', they mean the world to the people around them.
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