Spooky Surprise

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Spooky Surprise

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Watching scary movies together, late at night is crazy fun! If your partner enjoys

the thrill, screams, and the shivers of scare, this is just the perfect gift for them! ;)

Our team will come over to your desired location with a perfect plan to scare you

both! You can also chose a location from our existing range of scary place

options. And of course we want you to support us with your amazing acting skills

to enjoy the loving sadistic pleasure!

We help you get scared, cozy, and closer uniquely like never before, the ghost

characters are just bringing you romantically closer! 

Plan this surprise with us,

Duration: 1-2 hours

Location: At home or a deserted area in the city; You can chose from our list of

scary places as well

Number of persons: Aimed at one person*; can also be upto 4*"
INR 3,500


1. surprises are an experiential gift and will vary based on external emotions.
2. For corporate bookings and team building activities Email: operations@thedottedi.in
3. Minimum 3 working days required*
4. Available in Bangalore only.
5. For best results please call the online store before booking a surprise.