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Wedding Cakes


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  1. Blue Roman Wedding Cake | Dottedi
    Blue Roman Wedding Cake
  2. Elephant Wedding Cake | Dottedi
    Elephant Wedding Cake
  3. Pastel Wedding Cake| Dottedi
    Pastel Wedding Cake
  4. Sugarcrafted Wedding Cake | Dottedi
    Sugarcrafted Wedding Cake
  5. Yellow Flower Wedding Cake | Dottedi
    Yellow Flower Wedding Cake
  6. Japanese Wedding Cake | Dottedi
    Japanese Wedding Cake

8 Items

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Treat Yourself And Your Other Half To Our Special Wedding Anniversary Cakes

Cakes have long been a symbol of celebration, and sweet treats for special occasions have become synonymous with parties and special events. One such party is the wedding, which is often accompanied by a cake. Wedding cakes have come a long way from simple sheet cakes with a single flavour; instead, wedding cakes are often extravagant, multi-layered masterpieces, designed to impress. Today, the cake is often a focal point at the reception and can be designed to suit the theme of the ceremony and the couple's preferences.

A wedding cake is a type of dessert that is prominently featured at weddings and other special events. Similarly, anniversary cakes are a special type of cake that is designed to help celebrate a special occasion.  t is a sweet, typically delicate, and sweetened cake that is designed to symbolize the union of a bride and groom. The tradition of serving wedding cake comes from the Christian Church, which used the cake to celebrate the union of couples. Wedding cakes are also a way of showing the guests that the bride and groom appreciate the effort that their guests have put into making their big day special. This is why wedding cakes are so important to wedding receptions.

Buy The Best Anniversary Cakes For Your Special Day From Dottedi

Cakes are a popular choice for celebrations, whether it be a birthday, a wedding, or an anniversary. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional fruit cake to the elaborate wedding cake. The range of cake flavours available also means that there is a flavour for everyone, whether that be vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, or lemon. Cakes are an important part of any celebration and are often a focal point of the meal. Dottedi is extremely happy to be part of your celebrations with our wide range of delicious simple wedding cakes that will definitely let your and your guests’ mouths water. 

At Dottedi you will find various themed based designed cakes of different colours that are extremely difficult to resist eating. Our famous Japanese wedding cake and elephant wedding cake are worth every penny you spend on them. Just like the bride, these cakes are definitely the centrepiece of your wedding. Both of these cakes are extremely tasty and unique. If you are looking for a cake based on a fixed colour then our blue roman wedding cake, pastel wedding cake, and yellow flower wedding cake are the ideal pick. Not only these cakes are suitable for weddings but for any other memorable occasions. 


  1. What type of cake is best for a wedding?

A cake that both the bride and groom love will be the best type of wedding cake. It could be any flavour like vanilla, chocolate, lemon, funfetti, spice cakes, almonds, etc. 

  1. What's the most common wedding cake flavour?

The vanilla cake remains the top wedding cake flavour since the 1960s, though its popularity has dropped from 48% of couples married in the 1980s to only 26% of couples married in the 2010s.

  1. What flavour cake is most popular?

It has been found that ice cream cake has been the most popular flavour for a cake, followed by strawberry, and molten lava cake. 

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